Tuesday 10 April 2007


Hey scrappers!

This is what we'll be making on 'Crop Night' this Friday :) Just bring along 4-5 matching patterned paper and you're good to go. Oh, and of course - your embellishments, if you wish. Cute, cute, cute!

Excuse the bad picture :p



Scrapper-holic said...

So nice so nice!! Will the eyelets and ribbon also be provided?

Shabby Chic said...

Ribbons - yes. I'm sure you have a lovely stash of embellishments somewhere :)

Scrapper-holic said...

Hehe I've simply no idea where to start looking for what embellishments i'd like to use. :-)

Danura said...

Oh! Bum! I had to miss that???

Ruey said...

what a gorgeous set of drawers!!!! Sooo cute!!! I can picture a set of those altered drawers with 7 gypsies papers for some reason...a very vintage distressed look!