Monday 5 November 2007

Save the dates!

As part of our anniversary celebrations this month, we will be hosting two days of 'Crop 'til Midnight' - 17 & 24 November 2007. Starting from 2pm and ending at 12 midnight, we will be breaking down these crop events into block sessions. These sessions will begin at 2pm, 5pm and 8pm on both days. The maximum number of scrappers we can accomodate per session is 12. Please call us now at 242 4440 to reserve a seat for one or more (consecutive) sessions!

Note: We will give up any reserved seats should any scrapper fail to be present in the first 15 minutes of their respective session. 'Crop 'til Midnight' is strictly for scrapping/card-making only. Scrapper need to be of at least 16 years of age.

One more thing.

It's FREE!!!


Anonymous said...

hi, it sounds interesting, but what do we do? is there any challenge?

i wd like to suggest:
1) scrap on a budget challenge, say $10-$15?!
2)do the challenge on the spot, in limited time (during the crop session)
wht say you?

hepi anivesary Shabby Chic

- challenge mania-

Shabby Chic said...

Hey Klavu,

Usually for crop nights, scrappers bring along their own projects to do/complete. There won't be any challenge but instead a time for scrappers to meet up, share ideas/techniques and of course, chit-chat! :)

Love your suggestions! Will definitely keep that in mind. For the next challenge, perhaps? :)


Shabby Chic said...

Another thing.

There will be a few "surprises" during these crop nights so don't forget to sign up!