Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Monthly offers!

Hello, everyone!

A new year has arrived and we have great new things for you :)

We've now replaced our membership points system with a new stamping system instead and the rewards are PLENTIFUL!!!!! We will have special offers each month for everyone to enjoy!!! And here's our very first monthly offer.....

Buy 1 CUTTERPEDE 5pc Kit (retail: $70.00) which includes 1 trimmer, 1 cutting blade, 1 perforated blade, 1 scallop blade & 1 zig-zag blade


1 TOOL KIT DELUXE (retail: $60.00)

and pay just $105 (Privilege member) or $95 (Scrapaholic member)!!!!!!

It's a whopping great deal so come by to collect your new card and find out what it's all about :)


Anonymous said...

What will happen to our reward points we collected over a periodo f time?

Renee said...

Have the BIGkick Starter kit and the Tonic Studios Border System arrive yet?

Shabby Chic said...

Hi Anonymous,

All reward points will be converted into stamps accordingly so all is not lost :)

Hi Renee,

They have not arrived yet but do watch this space for its arrival.


Renoa said...

Hi! What's the difference between Privilege & scrapaholic member?

Shabby Chic said...

Hi Renoa,

If you're a newbie, we start you off as a Privilege card member. Once you've collected enough stamps, we move you onto a Scrapaholic card. More importantly, you're constantly rewarded with whichever card you have :)

Anonymous said...

if i dont want to buy ur offer items this month, can i use it for the next month?

do we keep our card or u do? i like it if u keep it, so i can pop in any time without having to bring it wif me

Shabby Chic said...

Hi Anonymous,

You can choose to get the month's offer or more discount. Alternatively, you can always save it for the next offer.

If you prefer, we can hold the card for you at the store.


Anonymous said...

i like to keep the card on my own.. so i can show it off to my friends...hehe

Anonymous said...

To get the privilege card, do I have to pay just $105 or do i have to buy the cutterpede, tool kit deluxe and privilege card?

Shabby Chic said...


If you're new, we start you off with a Privilege card (while existing VIP members receives their Scrapaholic card).

Collect your stamps and once you've completed a portion, you can choose to pay $105 (privilege card) or $95 (scrapaholic card) for both the cutterpede and tool kit deluxe OR enjoy discounts.

bebs said...

aaaahhhh I wish I am in Brunei now and see how the scrapaholic card!! I am a scrapaholic!! Yep you bet I am scrapping still!!! happy new year Shabby and miss you all.. hopefully my things are safe and sound in shabby still * :) *

Shabby Chic said...

All is safe, Beb :)

Happy new year to you too!

bebs said...

any advice where i can get scrapbook supply in uk?? can't find good ones... :(

Shabby Chic said...

Hi Beb,

No idea. Anyone?

Scrapper-holic said...

Depends on where you're staying in the UK. I noticed that most shops are in the err 'rural' areas. I think most UK scrappers order online.