Tuesday 12 February 2008

At the show

Yet another great day at the show on Day 2 despite the slightly nippy weather.
This season, it's all about the flocking and foiling and these are just so GORGEOUS up close and to touch! Here's some from the Amplified collection at American Crafts.

The complete Amplified Collection

Making Memories has done it again! This season, it's all about the SLICE machine. Small and cute little thing that cuts out shapes and alphabets on paper with just a touch of a button. To add more hype, they conducted a draw at their booth where everyone had to wear a SLICE T-shirt and have a raffle ticket in hand (yes, we were one of the hopeful ones there too). At least 5 SLICE machines were given away but none fell into our hands.

Look out for it on our shelves in July!

And to end things on a sweet note, this is for you cupcake lovers out there. It was too sweet to resist!


Scrapper-holic said...

Wow I just watched the videos on the slice and I SO WANT ONE!!! July seems like such a looooooong time away!! Could you guys smuggle one home before then? hehe

Shabby Chic said...


Trust me, we're trying our best :D

Anonymous said...

dont juz bring 1, smuggle as many as u can -ryn