Thursday 17 July 2008

Up on display

The works of Sharon and Lia are now in our store on display!!! GORGEOUS!

Sharon's assignment was a pack of ATC cards and she's played with loads of techniques (which we are still trying to grasp in her loooong list of notes!) but she says it's all about playing with inks and "having fun!". Come have a look for yourself and we'll try our best to explain how Sharon did it! Just a warning that some of the products she's used won't be in store til next month. Sorry!

Lia confessed that she's not a mini-album person but she felt a great sense of accomplishment after completing this SEI 'Family' album. We're so proud of you too!

Images courtesy of Lia

And while you're thinking twice about coming over to see their lovely works of art, think no further because we have some new goodies up on our shelves!!!

Around The Block embellishments

Lots of October Afternoon alphabet rub-ons

See you soon!! :)


sharon said...

Oooh new arrivals look yummy, and Thanks to shabby I played with the kit and absolutely fell in love with Scrapbooking once again .. the mojo is back.

and yeah .. you peeps should go see Lia's album .. Really colorful and funky ... if only I could embellish like lia .. :)

Shabby Chic said...

Hey Sharon,

Yours and Lia's are completely different but both are absolutely beeyoootiful! You've got someone at dinner asking me where are the crackle accents and ink blending tools!!! :)

sharon said...

hahaha .. well . the ink blending tools should be in the shop ?? or coming in soon ??? they are soooo fun .. and best of all they are washable .. so very value for $$$ Crackle accents and crackle paint are sooo much fun too and add inks or mists to them .. WOOOHOOOO ... endless possibilities

Maya Ariffin said...

Hi. Sharon? If u are happened to read this I would like to say I Love Ur Work!! Wish I'm as talented as u *sigh*.. Hehehe :)

sharon said...

Hi Princess ..

Aww shucks thanks for the compliments ..

Its all about the playing and testing of products to see what they can do .. and well reading what other designers doing with the products to get the effects ..

I am sure with going for classes and playing, you can be even better than me .


Maya Ariffin said...

To Shabby chic.. Hi there. It's been a long time I haven't drop by at ur place. Have a busy life :) actually i wanna ask u gals, the new arrivals got clear stamps???

To Sharon. Hi there hehe who doesn't like compliments huh? Tell me? Hehe.. Ur welcome. Anyway thank u for dropping by at my blog. Can I link ur blog to mine?

Shabby Chic said...

Hi Princess,

There were no clear stamps in the recent new arrivals but we expect several new clear stamps that has just been released this season. Stay tuned :)

Vivs said...

I very much like the new arrivals and more alphas available. Still i prefer the AC thickers. Will there be any possibility for SC to re-order the AC thickers, except for the vinyl type though? cos i found vinyl isnt suitable for our humid weather here-kept fall out.

thanks shabby chic crews!

Shabby Chic said...

Hi Vivs!

Life is certainly sweeter with AC Thickers :) There will definitely be more coming. Stay tuned!

SnazzyJazzie said...

hi shabby chic, what a delectable stash you have there! just wondering, what is the purpose of the small cards created by sharon? are they ATC? what's the purpose of ATCs? whilst i think they are really beautiful, can't help but wonder what the purpose is.

Shabby Chic said...

Hey Snazzy Jazzie,

ATC stands for Artist Trading Cards and traditionally, it's purpose is for an 'artist' to design several cards and trade some with other artists (or you can think of it as name cards).

ATC is a big hit with some scrappers as it gives them the opportunity to create smaller designs and the ability to display them on a 'carousel'. Some use themes like 'Family' or 'Friends' on their ATC carousel. As for Sharon, her ATCs is a showcase of her work of art and the different techniques she has used to get different effects. It really is lovely!

lialuvsblythes said...

hee! Didn't realise there was a conversation going on here! :)

You guys NEED to go down to the store to check out Sharon's ATCs - they're soooo gorgeous lah! I kept ooh-ing and aah-ing, and choosing my favs - 'I like this one! Ooo, this one is soo me!' ... like hinting, I want that one? hah!