Thursday 28 August 2008

DT August 08

Yes, I know it's a tad bit late as we're approaching the end of August very soon but better late than never! Terrific work, ladies! We're sooo thrilled with your creations and as always, the added little bonus projects for us :)

Enjoy the pictures, everyone!




You can see all their work here at SC. Please make sure your hands are clean if you wanna take a better look :)


sharon said...

haha .. awesome work ladies ..

yah lah, want to see see touch touch must wear gloves hor ...


Vivs said...

all designs are superb!

Lia said...

hee lovelove everyone's works!

Sharon, I didn't use gloves when I touched your work lei. hee!

Anonymous said...

just wondering, when's the next double stamps day happening this month?

Shabby Chic said...

Next week. Calendar of events will be up this week. Sorry for the delay.