Thursday 4 December 2008

More of our crazy weekend!

Lia kindly granted us permission to post pictures taken during the weekend. What a CRAZY time we all had!

Would you believe she summoned all her courage to dance on the chair?

For a scrap organiser from EK Success and more!!!  She was glowing all day :) Well done, E!

Of course, there were quiet moments where everyone had to concentrate on their work....

while some took the time in between inking to pose for us :)

An altered mirror

Don't touch!

WE DID IT!!!!!


sharon said...

oh gosh ... I look .... weird .. ahahahah ..

Maya Ariffin said...

no lah Sharon u look fine! Well u look beter in my blog rite? LOL.. :D

Anonymous said...

So thats how E looks like,when she got overjoyed.heheh.That is crazy!hehehe.But i love that picture when everyone got to do freestyle.It shows everyone is having fun.
Welldone SC!Welldone!

Rochelle Spears said...

Looks like you girls had a good time!

Shabby Chic said...

Hi Amyloliquefaqueinz,

(I hope I got it right!). Please email us at for more info :)

Rochelle - We had a BLAST!!! And still recovering from the entire awesome experience! Always nice to see everyone enjoying themselves :)

Bebs Hope said...

I WISH I AM IN BRUNEI! Organise more over "summer" holidays for UK students like me!!! I miss scrapbooking n has not done any for quite a while now. But still X-mas is around the corner might make some for friends here... I miss Shabby Chic!!! SO MUCH!