Tuesday 27 January 2009

With the Bowlins

Dear Emily,

Today, I visited Jenni Bowlin's booth and I mentioned to her how you had a bit of problem with Customs when you received your kit which contained her 'Bingo' cards.

As you can see in the picture below, she was very amused by the whole incident and funnily enough, when I told her husband Jared the story, he immediately knew your last name!!!! How famous are you!!! :p

At this point, Jenni was still tickled by the story. So she dug deep into her worn leather trunk, whipped out a 'Bingo' card and wrote you a note :)

They're such a warm and friendly couple :)

Me x

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{ Yu'er } said...

dear Bev, what a surprise prize in this new year since the most of the things didn't go well before... how nice they are and you too, I can't wait to see you bring in her stuff! xoxoxoxoxo Emily