Wednesday 18 March 2009

Quick update

Yesterday afternoon, Yen went into surgery to have her tumours removed and we were truly surprised to hear that she DOES NOT have breast cancer! She went through a thorough test last week and results have shown that the tumours are benign. Her oncologist, Dr. Cua has managed to remove all the tumours in both breasts which resulted in a gruelling 6-hour surgery.

Yen is now recovering at the Makati Medical Centre where she will be for the next few days before she goes back to her province of Legaspie to rest and fully recover.

We are very, very relieved and glad to know that she is not faced with breast cancer! Thank you to everyone who have been keeping her in your thoughts and prayers throughout and especially to those who have contributed towards paying for her surgery. Everyone has really been so kind.

Let's wish Yen a full recovery and we hope to see her at Shabby Chic again soon :)


Renee said...

What a relief! Please tell her to get plenty of rest and hope to her soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I have been holding my breath for the last week or so -- ever since I heard the news that Yen was sick -- and praying hard that maybe the doctor was mistaken; and if not, maybe it was not that bad. All we could do was hope and I just did not know what to say or do to make it better. And now, this fantastic news.... Yes, there is someone watching over us and He has heard our prayers for Yen. I am so happy for Yen and for everyone who cares for her. We hope to welcome her back here soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow!
Hope to see her soon! :D
She's the sweetest!

Maya Ariffin said...

Thanks God! :) Get full of rest & recover soon Yen!! See you soon!! :)

Anonymous said...

what a relief. hv a good rest Yen n hope 2 c u again :D