Sunday 22 November 2009

It's a wrap!

Can you believe it? The weekend came and went in a flash yet all the preparation and anxiety lasted for months!! Well, for me that is! :D

It was so inspiring to watch Iris create and share her knowledge on not just scrapbooking products, but also art products. It's always wonderful to see what great things can be done with just a little few. And not forgetting all the big smiles on lots of faces - like this lot!

As with every class, the work table is always neat and clean at the start.

Then as the class progressed, so did the clutter and the frantic searching of bits and bobs :)

Like when Jackie searched for her layout, not knowing Hilda had it in her hands all the while, thinking it was hers! She had a lot of apologising to do ;)

Throughout both lessons, there were lots of *snip, snip*, blowing heat guns, stamping, inking, fraying, curling, brushing, sticking, varnishing, painting (with mediums) - and what else did I miss? *phew*!! There were TONS of techniques going around in every direction!!

I hope all of you ladies who attended had a truly great time and left with more inspiration and ideas to scrap (eventhough by Day 2, most of you ran out of steam from all the laughter on Day 1!). Thanks to all those who have generously donated food to keep everyone going (special mention goes to Nadiah for sharing with us those yummmmmy brownies!!) and the 'teh-tariks' without which most of us could barely function without :)

But most of all, a BIG 'Thank You' from the bottom of our hearts goes out to Iris for coming over to teach and share with us while painfully being separated from her two beautiful daughters, Nicole and Cheska. Thank you, Iris for being such an inspiration and sharing your work with us :) Your love for creating has touched many of us and we hope to see you back here again some day :) xx


Jackie said...

Oh nooooo... it's oveeeerrrrr!!!
I can't believe the weekend has gone by so quickly. It has been a fabulous weekend, thanks to the SC gals and the very talented (and sweet)Iris. We had great fun, learned so much, made new friends, and came home with amazing layouts. Unforgettable!

Not to mention the chatting, eating, bickering and laughing -- never a dull moment with this bunch around. ha.ha. Can't wait for the next class!!! Thanks SC!

Vivi said...

Yeah i had soo much fun! Thanks SC and Iris! :)

Iris Uy said...

Oh I miss you all already! I was so glad I got a chance to go there. You ladies are such a riot! I had soooo much fun. I hope to be back there again in the future. Hugs ladies!! Thanks Bev and Irene!

BTW, I sent emails to all of you but a lot have been bouncing back. I hope I can fix it. Wrong email addys maybe?