Friday 7 May 2010

A weekend with Sharon

Sharon came and went in what seemed like - to most of us, a flash! She sounds like one of us now, saying names like 'Supasave' and 'Beribi'!!!

Of course the scrappers had loads of fun and laughs! Not forgetting the obligatory lucky draws! Sharon is just so generous that way and luck was definitely on Elina's side when she won a huge bag of flowers! Paper ones, of course :D

The only slight problem here is that everyone was either too busy scrapping or laughing that we forgot to take pictures! *smack forehead*. Anyone of you who has any pictures and would like to share them with us, please email us :)

So, would you like Sharon to come back again? Let us know who else you'd like to see here at Shabby Chic :D

Wishing all you terrific scrapping mothers out there a great weekend!

Til then - toodles!


Maya Ariffin said...

Really had a fun weekend with Sharon!! ;)

sharon said...

oh yes ...
I really had fun ... can I stay longer next time ?? hehehe .. You Brunei Girls are always such good fun to be with .. i am having withdrawals missing all of you ... and yes .. I actually know my way ard in Bandar now .. next time I drive ok ?? hahahaah

Jackie said...

What a weekend it was! I think Sharon went to more places in that weekend than most Bruneians do.... She's been to KB, Miri, Seria, Bengkurong (yeah, almost to Limbang), Muara, several supermarkets, Economy Mart, and as many eating places too.

I'm having a hangover until now and we didn't even drink. Yes, Sharon should come back so we can do it all over again! Sharon to drive? Will have to think about that....:)

Anonymous said...

I miss you SC! Wish I was home for these classes but will be back Sept till Nov. Maybe more Sharon classes? I'd love to hv a class with Irene Tan too =)

Nora Latip

Anonymous said...

I Saw Emeline Seet's project at the store when i was in singapore . Very exquisite. Hope to see her here in brunei - Liza