Monday 2 May 2011

Oh, Sweet Sunday!

The participants for Lia's first "Sweetest Days" class were filled with as much enthusiasm as when they signed up! With seats being sold out in under 48 hours, we unfortunately, had to turn away people who walked in at the last minute :( Sorry, ladies. We hope to be able to accomodate for more in future.

It was a first for us to have a designer on webcam while the class was ongoing. Eventhough she wasn't with us physically, Lia still managed to give some handy tips and with the aid of clear written instructions - everyone thoroughly enjoyed working on the kit at their own pace. She also surprised the participants with a bonus Maya Road Tag she created while everyone had their heads down, deep in concentration!

Lia was kind enough to send over the original project. It felt like I had laid my eyes on the Holy Grail as I opened the package!! It's even prettier up close!

A bunch of thrilled scrappers albeit pressed for time to stick down any pictures, they did an awful lot of creating in one afternoon! 'Twas FUN, FUN, FUN!!!


klavu said...

congrats ladies, I also had finished mine :D

Shabby Chic said...

Yay!! Well done, Siti :)

By the way, you left your glue behind. Don't forget to pick it up when we see you next :)

klavu said...

haha.. it's ok. tqvm

Lia said...

Awwww seeing you guys at the store makes me miss Brunei so much!! :( I must make a trip and be with you guys physically soon!

Anonymous said...

no updates on new arrivals? (:

Anonymous said...

No picture updates on new arrivals?