Friday 16 February 2007

Year of the *oink*

Ok, I lied. I don't have any pictures in this post. *hehe*

So, "Management" has decided to close our doors for the first few days of Chinese New Year. We'll be closed from Saturday the 17th of February til Tuesday the 20th of February. We'll be well-rested by then (hopefully!) and back into action on Wednesday, 21st February.

To all you scrappers out there - a happy and prosperous new year! Hope you make the most of the long weekend :)



Jasmin B said...

Hey!! That's my YEAR you're talking about!!

Yes...I suspected you would close during the CNY festivities. So I know I had to get there before that...went there last nite. He! He!
After so long not popping in to your shop, it feels so good! Had to withdraw some cash from the cashpoint before that and hubby said "Huh! You're buying as well?" --- uhh! Ya! Of course! Make my trip to the Mall worthwhile! He! He!

When I came back with my modest amount of goodies, my little Pink Princess immediately went through my stash and loved every bit of what I bought. I think she may one day turned into a creative scrapbook designer!! I can see it in her!! Or am I just having high hopes?..

Jasmin B said...

Hiya! Thanks for including me in your blog list! Appreciate it!!