Sunday 4 March 2007

Do you remember?

For those who attended Crop Night last Friday, do you remember Daryl (aka 'Creative Director') & Bev stitching away like there was no tomorrow? 'What on earth are they doing?' - I can hear some of you ask. Well, well. Ask no more as we've finally finished our project :)

All patterned papers and ribbons used are from Making Memories' Fresh Anthology Collection.

We punched a hole in the Fancy Pants chipboard. We wanted to hang both our initials but couldn't find a letter 'd' then Daryl said the 'b' can be flipped over to look like a 'd'! Clever!! So we painted them in Spotlight paint by Making Memories.

I wrote those words - don't forget. I'm getting the hang of Heidi Swapp's alphabets. The frame chipboard is also from Making Memories - painted and glazed.

We used those little metal beady strings to loop them into ring binders in order for it to hang nicely. Daryl had to ask his mum where we could find those beady strings. Tip: Check out the embroidery shop along Unitek/Kedai Komunis. Only B$0.60 for a metre! We used it to loop our chipboard letter too.

Finally, we slipped in our little vouchers to remind ourselves to use :) Definitely a worthwhile and handy project.


Sleepless said... i underdtand why Daryl was stitching away like Martha Stewart! Very nice...I really like this..very useful thing to have around...

So Daryl, when can I send my baju kurungs for beadwork? Hahahahhaa

Scrapper-holic said...

When i got home fri nite i remembered that i had forgoten to ask u guys wat u were stitching all those paper strips for. So now i know and oooh how i like! Wat a great idea! Hope to see it when i next visit.

Pandachu said...

Very nice n useful little project :) I've always loved scrapping involving stitching eventhough its hard work.

How did u ensure straight stitching? Did u also have something to 'seal' the beady strings with?

Shabby Chic said...

Lightly draw a straight line with a pencil where you wanna stitch then pierce them in even lengths with a paper piercer.

As for the beaded strings, we just used thin strings to tie both ends together.

{ Yu'er } said...

I searched hard to find out how the beaded strings were tied, now i got it, will try it soon, it's so beautiful...