Wednesday 14 March 2007

A Talented Scrapper

Hey everyone!

For those of you who don't already know about Ruey, she's been so kind enough to take some time to write up an article for Shabby's blog to share her success in Scrapbooking with us. Thanks again, Ruey. I'm sure we'll all be inspired :)

Hi, I’m Ruey….and proud to be a Bruneian! I actually left Brunei as an overseas student over 20 years ago and have stayed on here when I married. I have 3 gorgeous sons and we travel back to Brunei every few years to catch up with family and friends and to renew my Bruneian passport and IC. My last time back in Brunei was in July 2005 for my sister’s wedding.

I had my first taste of Scrapbooking at a Creative Memories party about 4 years ago and lost interest quickly because the Creative Memories way of Scrapbooking is very basic and flat. In August 2005, after we had just come back from Brunei for my sister’s wedding, my youngest son’s kinder teacher asked me to bring a photo album of our trip so that Jeromel could do a mini show and tell. I decided to do a quick little scrapbook album and over those 2 nights… creative beast was unleashed. From then on, I’ve thrown myself full on into this fabulous hobby and it has been an amazing journey of discovery, creativity, soul searching, reflection and of course….shopping! Scrapbooking has given me the opportunity to tell my family’s stories creatively and given this crazy stressed out mother of 3 a chance for some ‘me’ time.

In the past 18 months since I have become addicted to Scrapbooking, I have been published in all 3 of the Australian Scrapbooking Magazines and will be published soon in the Australian edition of the US magazine Creating Keepsakes. I am on the design team for my local store Arty Pants, for the fantastic Australian Kit Club Scrapping Angels as well as the USA Kit Club – One Page at a time.

If you haven’t given Scrapbooking a go, don’t hesitate….. it’s not as hard or as time consuming as it looks, there is no right or wrong way of scrapping and you get a wonderful sense of achievement as you capture your family’s memories on paper.

As part of my design team commitments for Scrapping Angels, I design kits a couple of times a year …..meaning that I put together papers, cardstock, and for those who know my style…the yummy stack of embellishments. With the deluxe kit, you will get full step by step instructions to create layouts as well as an online chat session where I will be available to chat or answer questions about layouts etc. So, if you have been stuck in a scrapping rut and would like to try new techniques or learn some of my scrapping secrets and get an insight into how I scrap, this is your chance.

I can’t tell you what’s in my kit as it is a closely guarded secret, but I can tell you that just about everything is from CHA2007....I am so fortunate that the timing was right and I was lucky enough to have been able to pick things out of the CHA 2007 sneak peeks!!! The colours, textures, shapes, ....everything was agonised over....every little detail was ooohed and aaaaheed and ummmmeeeed and aaaaaaheeed over until I was happy with the kit.

My deluxe kit will debut in May and they are limited edition kits, once they are sold, they will not be re-ordered. There is no subscription system, but you can pre-purchase with your credit card or if you live outside Australia, you will need to have a paypal account. Marie’s March kit sold out in a day and Annie’s April kit which is to be launched on the 1st April ....apparently there are under 10 kits left!!!

Still not sure? Grab a cuppa and take a look at my blog, have a look at my scrapping style and if you like what you see, head on over to the Scrapping Angels website and check out the other kits which other Angels have designed and deluxe kit... sign up and email Trish about pre-purchasing it

Shabby Chic will be organising 'Ruey Crop Nights' for all those who have purchased the May deluxe kit independently or with us. If you are interested to purchase with us, please CALL us immediately as kits are limited. Dates for 'Ruey Crop Nights' will be confirmed later next month.


{ Yu'er } said...

come on, i need one of that, pls keep one for me, i shall drop by the shop and pay you on Friday after school, thank you...

Shabby Chic said...

Hey Yu'er!
We'll only be informed about the price of the kits and postage in a few weeks time so no need to hurry on payment as yet. Definitely will save you a kit.

Pandachu said...

Wow that was a really good piece for anyone interested in scrapbooking. Is SC planning to bring kits in regularly or is it just Ruey's?

Shabby Chic said...

At the moment, we only intend to bring in kits designed by Ruey. We'll see how this one goes.

mich said...

awww.. how cute is this, Ruey? Your own fan club in Brunei!!! :) :) :) I must "kow-tow" to you from now on when I see you! tee hee...