Sunday 1 April 2007


Hey peeps!

Last Friday's first official 'Crop Night' was GREAT fun!! So much so that we only remembered about the game when there was only 30 minutes left! Shame. That's because everyone was too engrossed in doing their own thing or watching/helping others. A big 'Thank You' to Blackdiamonds for capturing it all. You can view the shots on our Flickr album (scroll down this page and click the pictures on your left).

Looking forward to the next one. Would you like us to host 'Crop Night' more than once a month?


Scrapper-holic said...

More crop nites a month would definitely be nice. Congratulations on the success of the 1st official one!

AA said...

yes please.... fun-fun + good food ;)

Jasmin B said...

Agree with Scrapper-holic on having it once a month. Hope to go to your next one.

Pandachu said...

Have been asked to say "yes" but of course, would agree to more crop nites especially after the success of the 1st official one :)