Wednesday 28 November 2007

Calendar class!

Hi all!

For a limited time only, our new in-house designer Emily Zhang will be conducting lessons on creating your very own personalised calendar for 2008! Decide for yourself the theme of your calendar eg. family, friends, workmates, etc..Two sessions will be required to complete this project.

Age limit : 18 years and above
No. of photos to bring : at least 20 (pertaining to one theme)
To bring :
- Glue tape
- Tacky tape (or any strong double-sided tape)
- Pop-up glue dots
- scissors, paper trimmer
- several rub-ons (pertaining to the theme)
- alphabet chipboards/stickers and everything else will be provided :)
Price : B$80 per person (fee must be paid in advance in order to secure a seat)

Saturday & Sunday (Dec 1 & 2) : 2-5pm

Monday & Tuesday (Dec 3 & 4) : 6-9pm

Wednesday & Thursday (Dec 5 & 6) : 6-9pm

Don't miss out!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi..I love going 2ur shop!! Even just by looking at 'em. Esp during this sale period..N we even get lucky dip for an extra greater discounts! It made our shopping a lot more convenient! I hope u could extend the 'lucky dip' til end of dec.Heheh :) it wud make us happy. Cheers!

Shabby Chic said...

Hi lil tattie,

Glad you've enjoyed your shopping! Due to regulations, we won't be able to extend our "lucky dip" but will definitely try our best :)

Thanks for your feedback.

Happy scrapping!