Wednesday 21 November 2007

Day 5

Hey everyone!

We're well into the 5th day of our birthday sale and it's been a lot of FUN (to say the least)!!

For those taking part in our anniversary challenge, how are your mini-albums coming along? You've got just about two days left to complete and we wish you all the best :)

And one last thing.

Don't forget to pop by today between 7 and 8pm. A little surprise awaits you.

See ya!


Anonymous said...

I just read your post!! And the time now 8.35pm. Waaa....! I missed the surprise. What is it? Will there be another surprise?

Shabby Chic said...

Hey miss-the-boat,

Sadly, you missed out on a REALLY good deal. We gave additional discounts ON TOP OF our current 25%! Only a handful of customers made it and needless to say, they were scurrying around before the clock struck 8 :)