Wednesday 13 February 2008

Close to the end

One more day to go and counting.

We saw a few faces some of you might be familiar with.

Isn't this booth just so pretty?

With designer for Chatterbox - Melody Ross (L)

Look familiar?

It's the guru of inks, Tim Holtz at work.

Here's an interesting story. Tim said he's only been in the industry for the past 4 years and worked as a waiter before that. He found himself a job at a craft store stacking shelves and was forced to take stamping lessons.

And look where he's at now :)


Anonymous said...

Irene, I want to see u take pic with Ali Edward, I think u 2 look alike :D

Anonymous said...

oh so thats how tim holtz looks like.. and elsie is gorgeous! you lucky duo! anything on heidi swapp? :P

Anonymous said...

Yeah thats true, Elaine looks like the Asian version of Ali Edwards ;-)