Thursday 31 July 2008

August announcements

It's August! We're two-thirds of the way into 2008 and still we wonder how did we get here so quickly?!?

We have several announcements for this month so let's get through them!

  1.  As of 1 August 2008, our business hours on Sundays will be from 11.30am - 6pm. Please take note since we won't like to know that you were eagerly looking forward to come by here after 6pm on a Sunday :) We do apologise for any inconvenience caused.
  2. GREAT news for all you Privilege and Scrapaholic members!! We will be introducing DOUBLE STAMPS DAY beginning this month! Yep, yep - for every B$20 spent, you will receive 2 instead of 1 stamp! A sure and fast way to complete that portion for that bonus discount!! Please note that double stamps will NOT be awarded to reserved items. (Please refer to calendar below for double stamps day)
  3. Those wishing to reserve items can still do so but for now, we will only hold items for Privilege members for no more than 24 hours, and Scrapaholic members for no more than 3 days. Again, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.
  4. Oh, HAPPY DAYS for HSBC credit card holders! You can now redeem your credit card points for vouchers at Shabby Chic!!! Ain't that awesome!!? Vouchers are now available in B$10, $20 and $50. 
  5. Lastly, here is our class schedule for August.

Class description:
Oh, SCRAP!Pressed for time to scrap? This is the right class for you! At the end of two hours, you will create 4 different layouts while learning a few tips and techniques along the way. Complete it at home by simply adding photos and/or if you wish, embellishments! Easy peasy! 

Fee : B$20 per person. Bring a friend along and pay only B$35 for two!
To bring : Tape glue 
Duration : 2 hours
Suitable for ages 16 and above

Let's Get Started - What is Scrapbooking? Learn more about it by getting familiar with the tools of the trade, scrapbook jargon and what it takes to create a 12" x 12" layout! Simply bring photos and we'll provide the rest!

Fee: B$30 per person
To bring : 4-5 photos (pertaining to a theme)
Duration : 3 hours
(Adults only class)

Colour and Design - Be bold with colours! Learn how the use of colours and the tips and tricks in design that can help create a successful layout - everytime!

Fee: B$30 per person
To bring: 4-5 photos (pertaining to a theme), adhesive
Duration : 3 hours
(Adults only class)

Hanging Organiser - By popular demand, learn to create and embellish a 12"x12" hanging organiser that's great for home and at work!

Fee: B$20 per person
To bring : Tape glue
Duration : 2 hours
(Adults only class)

Don't forget to mark DOUBLE STAMPS DAY on your calendar!!! 

p.s. MORE new arrivals from the Summer collection to come! Yiipppppppeeeeeee!


Anonymous said...

Yippeee indeed!

Does the 'Double stamps day' only applies for the month of August?

Is it possible for you to re-order an item that has finished?

Anonymous said...

Oopss!! I didn't watch the calender! It's a great announcement :P hehe~ owkay!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bev for "Colour and Design" class.

I learnt more details in choosing colours and designing a LO.Normally, i would just scraplift from any layouts that i like.

I always have a lack of confidence in designing a layout.But today, i made my own first layout without scraplift! I got to choose the cardstocks by myself (with the support of my teachers there tho.hehehe!)

I would recomend these class to begginers like myself,it gives a better understanding in choosing colours (in much details)and designing LO guideline.

I better ask my frens to join me for the Oh Scrap class!

Shabby Chic said...

I'm just glad you learned a lot and enjoyed yourself as much as I enjoyed sharing with you :) You were such a good 'student' too!! I like how you were never too shy to ask me anything because it ultimately benefits you :)

Happy scrapping, hun!! Hope to see more of your very own designs soon :)

Lating Panda said...

Bev,im joining the oh scrap class on the 18th.Ill be making the payment tommorow.I hope to learn more techniques and practise it more after that hehehe.