Sunday 30 November 2008


Hey folks,

It's been an absolute MADHOUSE in here eversince Crop Night started! The FUN, EXCITEMENT and LAUGHTER was loud enough to deafen anyone within a one-mile radius!! Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little but it seriously has been fantastically FUN and I know those out there who have attended at least one of our classes will agree with us :)

And with all the buzz happening around in and out of our store, we're truly sorry that our designers haven't had any time to sit down to judge the winners of our Amazing Scrapping Race. Therefore, we're postponing our announcement to Tuesday, 2 December 2008 at 3pm. I know it's horrible to keep you all waiting any further but we hope you understand how CRAZY it has been here over the past few days!!!! Severe lack of sleep and sustaining on caffeine but we're not complaining one bit!!! 

One more designer class to go for the weekend - WOW! We've been planning this for months, waited for eternity for this to happen and now it's all coming to an end so soon :( 

Here's a sneak of our fun-filled weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

To the wonderful ladies at Shabby Chic, THANK YOU FOR AN INCREDIBLE WEEKEND! It's monday morning and we're back at work with a hangover -- which means we had a really good time : ) (still can't stop grinning) Thanks for bringing the design team in, the great projects and freebies. Thanks also the many assistants (you know who you are). Here's wishing Shabby Chic a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY and many more great anniversaries ahead!

Maya Ariffin said...

Oh yes we were having a serious fun! It was a great experience. Thanks for bringing all the DT in together. :)

Shabby Chic said...

Hi Jackie and Princess,

Thank YOU for attending the classes and we're so glad you all thoroughly enjoyed yourselves. We definitely did and so did the designers!!

Now we'll just have to get use to the sudden quietness at the store compared to all the raucous we've been making all weekend!!

Thanks again, ladies for your support. No doubt you will all be enjoying all your freebies!! Hehehe. Here's hoping for another weekend of designer classes :D

sharon said...

Hey Shabby Chic ..

hahaha .. I am back home ... unpacking all my goodies I bought at the shop .. and enjoying them all.

I really wanna thank you girls for getting us there to brunei to teach .. it was a fabulous weekend and I have to say .. that .. BRUNEI SCRAPPERS ROCK!!!!!.. u gals are such a fun bunch .. i am missing all the noise already ..

Janijap said...

To Shabby chic gals,

Thanks so much for all the good fun and fabulous goodies this weekend! I was a happy zombie this morning. It was definitely worth it! I laid out all my freebies and took a pic.. its an awesome sight!

Happy Anniversary and wish you many more!! This year's celebration definately ROCKS!

Shabby Chic said...

Hey Janiah,

Glad you enjoyed yourself :) We're both walking zombies here too *hehe* but all the time spent with you all was worth it! Hope you can show us a pic of all the freebies and prizes you won - we're curious to know who brought home how much stuff coz there were just too many goodies flying around!

Have a great week ahead, Janiah. Thanks again for joining our classes :)