Monday 30 March 2009

Visual stimulants

Sooo sorry to everyone who've been patiently waiting for pictures. I've been away with limited internet access so you can probably guess by now who updates the blog :D The other partner-in-crime has taken great shots of what's in store. Even I'm drooling at them!!!

Glitz Design - Sparrow Collection

Glitz Design  - Audrey Collection

K & Co Wild Raspberry

K & Co Que Sera Sera Collection

Brenda Walton's Madeline for K & Co

SEI's Windsor Collection

And K & Co's embellishment galore!!!


Jackie T said...

K & Co papers are absolutely lovely! And the embellies to go with them too! In case we need some mojo boost... is there a round of crop classes around the corner? *hint*hint*

Shabby Chic said...

Why, of course! It's this Saturday *wink, wink* ;p Can't wait to hear about your recent weekend escapade :D

Jackie T said...

Oh no.... I cannot make it this Saturday, as I have a tennis event over at this end of Brunei :( Oh yes, the short break was fun ... fancy meeting you there! And they say Brunei is small!

Shabby Chic said...

Oh no! You will be sorely missed :( *sniff*

Shabby Chic said...
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