Sunday 18 March 2007

Learn how to make an accordion album!

For a whole week beginning Monday, March 19, Shabby Chic will be conducting classes on creating an Accordion Album, which are perfect for displaying photos and also make nice personalised gifts for friends or dear ones.

In under an hour, you will be able to walk away with a completed album. Simply bring along 4 (or more) 3R photos and materials will be provided for creating the album. The minimum class size is 2 persons. Class is suitable for persons aged 12 and above.

The scheduled class times are as follows:

Monday, March 192pm and 4pm
Tuesday, March 201pm and 6pm
Wednesday, March 212pm and 4pm
Thursday, March 222pm and 4pm
Friday, March 231pm and 6pm
Saturday, March 241pm and 6pm
Sunday, March 252pm and 4pm

If you have any further inquires or you want to book a slot, please do not hesitate to call us at 2424440.


Nonnie King said...

I want to join!

Let me ask the rest first yah.

Pandachu said...

Yay finally get to learn to make an accordion album. Btw, what are ur charges for the class?

Shabby Chic said...

Classes are $25 per session per person. Materials and double-sided glue are included.